Jeff before Jeff before Jeff as a baby 71383679 52543296 52543297 52543298 52543301 52543299 52543300 52543302 52543303 52543304 52543305 71383678 jeff with my parents and gramma Im standing next to him, my sister is on the left. 71383680 71383681 Jeff on halloween His favorite holiday. We would prepare our costumes months in advance, every year! 71383682 Me giving Jeff a kiss 71384018 my dad, jeff and me 71384019 jeffrey and me 71384020 Jeff, me and my sister 71384021 Jeff with his friends in Ecuador 71384022 Jeff had a LOT of friends in Ecuador this was when we lived in Ecuador. these are all his friends from the neighborhood 71384023 Jeff, me and my sister 71384024 drawing this was in Ecuador, he was 16 or 17. 77414011 with his best friend Tati one of his friends from high school, her and her sister were there for him till the day he left :( 77414012 Jeff singing probably rap. He was into rap before letting his hair grow and going all Heavy Metal lol 77414013 drawing some more 77414014 always drawing since he was little hes about 5 to 6 yrs old here 77414015 Jenny and Jeffrey im building stuff while he's drawing. im probably around 2 yrs old, he'd be 5. 77414016 the 3 of us Weird how this picture shows what we would end up doing in our future. My sister is cosmetologist, my bro drawing and me daydreaming (im a designer) 77414017